Thursday, September 23, 2010

Literary Devices: Figurative Language

“As among cattle a lion leaps on the neck of an ox or
heifer, that grazes among the wooded places, and breaks it,
so the son of Tydeus hurled both from their horses
hatefully, in spite of their struggles, then stripped their armour
and gave the horses to his company to drive to their vessels "

Homer uses a lot of similes and metaphors in the Iliad -- in fact, they have become known as Homeric or epic similes

This lesson is about figurative language.  Similes and metaphors are types of figurative language.  

A short presentation on different types of figurative language. 

This Quia quiz that asks you for the meaning of some common similes and metaphors.
Here is a slightly more difficult quiz called Simile, Metaphor, or Personifcation?
So You Know Your Figurative and Poetic Language?
Figurative Language Quiz for fiction writers

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